Rural Connect: How The Youth Are Helping Orphans In Ghana Learn ICT

Today’s kids are going to be the future leaders one day and this means from all works of both rich and poor. But for those of us who live in the cities and are privileged to have internet access and smart devices to know more about the world of technology and what’s going on in the world in general, do we often take the time to think about those in the rural areas who don’t have the same opportunities as us?

Software development and knowledge will be critical to the success of engineering, manufacturing, business and other key areas of economic competitiveness of countries.

Africa must focus strongly on developing young software programmers and coders to enable its own development, – Roy Singham.


“even as we deal with crises and challenges in other parts of the world that often dominate the headlines; even as we acknowledge the real hardships that so many Africans face every day — we have to make sure that we’re all seizing the extraordinary potential of today’s Africa, the youngest and fastest-growing continent.” – Barack Obama

In a move to prepare the generation of future leaders, a group of both young men and women came together and decided to help orphans by teaching them the basis of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Tech 2 Orphans is a project by 1 Billion Africa which aims at helping bring up the next generation of computer programmers who will build the softwares to solve Africa’s problems. The target group are orphans who after a certain age (usually 18-20) are left to fend for themselves and to be independent after acquiring some vocational skills.

According to reports, there are currently 150 million ‘orphans’ in the world.

Global Orphan Crisis Statistics
Global Orphan Crisis Statistics

Information and communication technology also affects all of us in this new digital age. In view of that, 1 Billion Africa saw the need to leverage on technology to help these young ones I the area of computer technology and in the process, helping them learn how to build softwares and applications which can solve some basic problems that bedevils our society.

The pupil are empowered with IT skills with emphasis on basic Microsoft applications, computer programming, website development, the use of google tools and apps as well as entrepreneurship.

As part of the process, these young ones are given opportunities in volunteeringinternships, employments and scholarship opportunities. This is made possible through strategic partnership with key industry players as far as technology is concerned.

Our major vision is to create a generation of tech entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in tech who will drive Africa forward with development and innovation. If you want to support the Tech 2 Orphans in any way you can, feel free to get in touch with Charles Mensah, team leader of the initiative at [email protected] or Call 0245762288.